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16 August 2018

At Solways we believe that one of the most important marketing tools you can have for your business is printed stationery. Imagine that you are sending correspondence or providing samples of your previous work to a potential client, nothing conveys a stronger message about the quality of your brand than using bespoke branded stationery.

Strengthen your brand identity

For most businesses in 2018 branding is key. Maintaining a consistent and prominent brand image is vital to keeping you at the forefront of your client’s mind and using business stationery can help. The more printed items your business has with your brand’s logo and colours on the more likely you are to make a memorable impression on your client.

Look professional

Conveying professionalism and a high quality service is instrumental in attracting new clients and winning new business. Bespoke business stationery for your brand helps to do this by making a fantastic first impression. Similarly, existing clients will want to be ensured of your ongoing commitment to providing a high quality professional service throughout your business relationship. Your bespoke business stationery reassures and helps to build on the trust between you and your existing clients.

Make it easy for potential clients to contact you

Perhaps your potential client has made enquiries with several other businesses as well as yours, or you are sending out marketing material to a business you have not previously been in contact with. Writing to them using a bespoke business letterhead or enclosing a compliment slip with additional marketing material gives them immediate sight of your contact details. They are more likely to contact you if they have an interest in your services when the details are right in front of them as opposed to them having to look your business up on the internet.

Show authenticity

Ensuring you send correspondence using branded business stationery lets your existing and potential clients know that they can trust that it has come from you. You can even add a bespoke watermark to your letterheads and compliment slips to make the paper even harder to duplicate.

Stand out from the crowd

In an age where there is an over-saturation of emails and digital marketing campaigns sending a piece of printed and branded correspondence will be sure to catch someone’s attention!

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