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18 February 2019

Today we are showcasing a wide range of quality printing techniques applied to a two different business card options for one of  London’s leading creative design agencies.

The client came to us wanting two different business card designs. Each card design incorporates different high quality print processes to represent a different style and purpose.

They had one objective in mind: WOW THEIR CLIENTS

WTF Creative Business Cards | Printing Processes Foil Blocking, Blind De-Bossing & Lithography | Solways Printers Quality Printing London

Business Cards | Printing Processes Foil Blocking, Blind De-Bossing & Lithography | Solways Printers Quality Printing London

If you’re in the design industry, let us help you print your business cards that have attitude!

Let’s take a look at the print spec for both of the card options: 

125 x 8 names Business Cards Ref WTF Creative Option
** Each name to get 2 sorts of 125 each ***
Size 55mm x 85mm

Design 1 hit twice & 2 hit thrice foil blocked only in Matt 610
Design 2 blind de-bossed

Printed on Curious Skin Black 380gsm
SHEET 2 Printed LITHO 2 colours Warm Red & Black
Printed on Colorplan Frost White 350gsm
Sheet 1 and 2 duplexed together to make 730gsm
Trimmed to size and boxed in 63’s
Artwork supplied, Solways to e-mail imposed PDF proof
On approval run to plate, foiling dies & de-bossing dies
Despatched to one London address by DHL next day service

Check out our video below on how we tackle foil blocking and litho printing for high quality results:

These business cards incorporate foil blocking, blind debossing and litho printing. What are these print process? …and how could they benefit the output of my creative work?…I thought you would never ask!

Lets have a look

Print Process: Foil Blocking

Foil blocking is a finishing technique that applies a coloured foil to a substrate by using heat. This particular print process can transform conventionally printed materials and make them shine!

Print process: Blind de-debossing

Blind embossing can either be raised (the subject stands out) or in this instance, lowered (the subject is sunk in).  Blind embossing allows for a graphic deformation that produces striking effects through both sight and feel.

Print process: Litho

Litho can print on a wide variety of paper with different surfaces and thicknesses. The printing process gives a smooth print with no serrated edges.

Interested in seeing these print processes for yourself?

Get in touch with Tim or Barry today for a sample: 0800 852 1100 or 020 7407 2875

| or e-mail: production@printlogic.co.uk

Printlogic / Solways Printers offers print processes away from the mainstream. Our specialties encompass specialist print processes: duplexed (THICK) business cards, triplexed (EXTRA THICK) business cards, watermarking, foil blocking, embossing, digital embossing, Indigo digital, die-cutting, thermography, lithography, Book production and Magazines.

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