Paper and Print | Quality printing London

10 July 2012

In this digital age be sure that print remains part of the picture. It is a blend of media that wins new business.

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Video meets Quality printing London

6 July 2012

Steve Hodder Media has recently completed our new video for the web site. The power of video cannot be underestimated in helping to get your message across.  Have a great weekend.

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Top Quality INVITATIONS | Quality Printing London

24 June 2012

The summer season is in full swing ! This has reminded me should you decide to send a top quality invitation, posted, rather than the e-mail variety then you should look at the following: 1. Quality of paper: – must be a minimum thickness of 400gsm. You may wish use our specialist DUPLEXING service to have a […]

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Solways Client Charter | High Quality Printing LONDON

21 June 2012

Solways Client Charter – Our commitment to deliver High Quality Printing in London is now in writing.  Take a look at the Solways Client Charter and see how we are delivering outstanding customer service ! Page 1 below the fold. Best regards Tim and the team.

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High Quality Printing London | TELEPHONES

19 June 2012

Many apologies to our clients and prospective clients – BT has let us down. Our telephones are constantly engaged ! BT is working on a fix ! Please use 07973 279 969 in the interim. Soon we will be back delivering High Quality printing in London.

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High Quality Printing London | Solways Launch New Website

13 June 2012

Hi all, after many hours of deliberation we now have a much improved website thanks to the help of Bob Harper & Tim Pointon at – a big thanks to them. Bests Tim S

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Jubilee Weekend || High Quality Printing London

1 June 2012

The Fabulous Jubilee weekend is here. Four days of holiday. There will be no HIGH QUALITY PRINTING being done this weekend. My name is Tim Solway and I would like to send a message from my team of craftsmen to all our CLIENTS, SOON TO BE CLIENTS, FRIENDS and SUPPLIERS – have a fabulous weekend and whatever […]

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High Quality Printing London | Paper conditioning

25 May 2012

Now that the sunshine and weather conditions are changing spare a thought for your paper. Always keep it packet wrapped until ready for use. Store in cool and dry conditions preferrably at a constant temperature. Your copying machines will work so much better if you follow these tips, less waste for sure. Have a super […]

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Watermarked paper

28 February 2012

Let Solways create bespoke Watermarked letterhead paper, personalised watermarked proof sheets available for £100.00 + VAT.

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28 February 2012

Add weight and impact to your Invitations and Business Cards at 350gsm – 800gsm. Let Solways give your print the elegance and gravitas that will add integrity and credibility to your paper based marketing. For samples please call or e-mail Tim

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