THERMOGRAPHY – Quality Printing London

5 September 2012

Thermography is a specialist print process provided by Solways. The process raises (embosses) the printed type.  Thermography adds a luxurious feel to business cards and invitations. #Thermography

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WIN NEW CLIENTS | Quality Printing London

25 July 2012

WIN NEW CLIENTS : In this ever increasingly digital age it is important not to underestimate the POWER of PRINT to can make your company stand out in an ever increasingly competitive market. Solways are Quality Printers, true craftsmen, with a factory in London. Solways offer rather quirky print processes that create the most fabulous […]

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FACTS ABOUT PRINTING | Quality printing London

23 July 2012

For those of you who share my passion about paper and printing take a look at this –

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Paper and Print | Quality printing London

10 July 2012

In this digital age be sure that print remains part of the picture. It is a blend of media that wins new business.

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Video meets Quality printing London

6 July 2012

Steve Hodder Media has recently completed our new video for the web site. The power of video cannot be underestimated in helping to get your message across.  Have a great weekend.

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Top Quality INVITATIONS | Quality Printing London

24 June 2012

The summer season is in full swing ! This has reminded me should you decide to send a top quality invitation, posted, rather than the e-mail variety then you should look at the following: 1. Quality of paper: – must be a minimum thickness of 400gsm. You may wish use our specialist DUPLEXING service to have a […]

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Solways Client Charter | High Quality Printing LONDON

21 June 2012

Solways Client Charter – Our commitment to deliver High Quality Printing in London is now in writing.  Take a look at the Solways Client Charter and see how we are delivering outstanding customer service ! Page 1 below the fold. Best regards Tim and the team.

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High Quality Printing London | TELEPHONES

19 June 2012

Many apologies to our clients and prospective clients – BT has let us down. Our telephones are constantly engaged ! BT is working on a fix ! Please use 07973 279 969 in the interim. Soon we will be back delivering High Quality printing in London.

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High Quality Printing London | Solways Launch New Website

13 June 2012

Hi all, after many hours of deliberation we now have a much improved website thanks to the help of Bob Harper & Tim Pointon at – a big thanks to them. Bests Tim S

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Jubilee Weekend || High Quality Printing London

1 June 2012

The Fabulous Jubilee weekend is here. Four days of holiday. There will be no HIGH QUALITY PRINTING being done this weekend. My name is Tim Solway and I would like to send a message from my team of craftsmen to all our CLIENTS, SOON TO BE CLIENTS, FRIENDS and SUPPLIERS – have a fabulous weekend and whatever […]

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