Luxury printed catalogues & company reports |Quality printing London

5 April 2016

Whether it’s external or internal, your company communication is important. Giving the best to your clients but also to your associates and employees is essential to promote the best of your corporate culture.
Annual reports, catalogues, investment reviews or market analysis reports: communicate your company news within a professional booklet.
With foiling, lamination or embossing on the cover, possibilities are endless. Solways […]

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Colorplan by G F Smith and foil blocking in two colours |Quality printing London

30 March 2016

Do not go unnoticed at your next meeting or business event: create premium & original business cards. Solways will always help you achieve the best results.
Good design 
Let a graphic designer create the best design for your business.
Good quality paper
Choose a beautiful textured thick paper, which invokes good quality. Colorplan by G.F. Smith offers many versatile options, with […]

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Takeo Yomoshi & PhoeniXmotion by G.F. Smith|Quality printing London

22 March 2016

Do not be a sheep, try something new …. that is why we strongly recommend G.F. Smith papers.
Takeo Yomoshi
Made with sheeps wool, Takeo Yomoshi is a gorgeous thick paper with a rough texture, which provides remembrance … thanks to being tactile.
Available in 3 different weights: 128gsm , 221gsm and 291gsm.

PhoeniXmotion Xantur
PhoeniXmotion Xantur is one of the […]

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SMELL … Luxury bound books … scented?|Quality printing London

16 March 2016

A new innovation by Reflex is about to improve communication for the perfume industry. Reflex created a long lasting scented paper adaptable to different fragrances.
This product called purescent could help perfume creators promote their products on catalogues or booklets by offering not only a tactile and visual experience but also an olfactive one!
An effective way to […]

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Luxury Re-order cards | Quality printing London

11 March 2016

We recently improved our Re-order by adding a digital embossing on our logo. They will not go unnoticed thanks to their bright red colour and gold embossed stamp.
Order yours today – not a client will forget about you!
Elegant “Come back soon” cards
1000 x 1 Re-order cards 4/4 & digital emboss
Size 55mmx 85mm
Front printed digital CMYK
Reverse: Printed digital […]

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Luxury & high quality hotel and restaurants brochures and menus

8 March 2016

Today we are focusing on the hospitality industry. Excellent printed communication is essential for this industry, showcasing the quality of the services provided.
Even if most of the bookings happen via internet, print is definitely not dead. With printing still needed for door hangers, room information, menus, brochures or luggage  tags.
No time or place for cheap looking thin menus covers […]

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Thick foiled luxury invitations|Quality printing London

2 March 2016

Make your event a must attend occasion with luxury thick invitations
When a simple email is just not enough… Solways can help with elegant invitations.
A combination of thick paper and unique print processes such as foiling or embossing, your invitations will be unforgettable. No need to save the date… your invitation will make an outstanding impression!
Engage your clients and […]

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Die-cutting designs|Quality printing London

25 February 2016

Die cut yourself!
Die cutting is a process which consists in using a wood mounted steel die to cut out shapes on paper and board.
A unique design must have a bespoke print process.
Eye-catching and unconventional, die-cutting can help you achieve a unique product that will create recall thanks to an original shape or cut out.
For your invitations, business cards […]

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The world’s first watermarked business card! Luxury, bespoke, thick business cards.

19 February 2016

We are proud to unveil our brand new watermarked business cards.
When held to the light, the light shines through the board with the letters becoming legible.
Unique, luxury, bespoke and premium, this business card has all the elements to make an outstanding business card:
– Use a strong design with an appropriate typeface and kerning;
– A beautiful thick board […]

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Foil blocking/ Foil stamping on paper and board at Solways Printers

16 February 2016

Allow your design to shine with Foil Blocking
Foil blocking is the application of a metallic ‘foil’ to a paper surface by using a metal die making the foil permanently adhere to the surface, leaving the design of the die.
The produced effect is bright and reflective, allowing your design to shine.
Foil blocking is suitable for a broad range […]

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