Luxury & high quality Brochures| Quality Printing London

8 June 2016

All on board !
A luxurious Thames’ cruises company needed to print a new brochure to distribute to their clients.
The brochure has to reflect the high quality standard of their services and draw the attention of the reader. A strong design and good print will achieve this by creating impact and will offer memorable results.
Let’s go on a print cruise… Here are the […]

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Thick postcards flyers leaflets| Quality Printing London

1 June 2016

When opening a new place such as a restaurant or a store, publicity is crucial to raise awareness about your new business. While focusing on your online presence is important, forgetting offline would be a mistake.
A new London atelier was about to open his doors in Soho and asked Solways to print high quality bespoke leaflets […]

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Luxury Bespoke Stationery| Quality Printing London

24 May 2016

Impressive & moving stationery… for your brand not to be stationary !
The power of stationery is not to be underestimated. Assorted letterheads, complimentary slips and envelopes provide brand support and authenticity. Premium bespoke stationery will lead to more engaged customers.
A thick business card will feel luxurious and will serve your brand right as we discussed […]

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Luxury Restaurant Menus | Quality Printing London

16 May 2016

Eat with your eyes first…
Make your customers watering in the mouth with beautiful and high quality menus. Only the best print processes can relate the quality of your cooking and set the tone for the meal to come.
Create emotion around your food: Food looks best with the gloss lamination, showing all the colors of your dishes.
The metallic soft […]

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Loud hailer Paper megaphone | Quality Printing London

12 May 2016

Are your clients hearing you? Make sure to be heard !
In a space where all your competitors fight for the first place on Google rankings , it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition.
That is why print is so important to a business: how many times will you be amazed at the quality of […]

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New Day newspaper announces closure 9 weeks after launch

5 May 2016

Sad news for the Print industry…
The daily newspaper ” New Day” has announced its closure only 9 weeks after being launched. With only 40,000 sold copies per day, sales were below the 200,000 sold copies expectation. (Source: BBC)
New Day was aimed at people who don’t read newspapers and was promising a balanced opinion on a positive note.
We are […]

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Luxury folded leaflets |Quality printing London

4 May 2016

Place your products at the center of your communication with a folded leaflet
Whether it is to publicize a new product, an event or an activity of your company, folded leaflets are ideal to publish concise but useful information.
Sizes and folding styles are endless depending on the purpose of the leaflet. A folded leaflet offer the flexibility […]

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33 years … Solways bespoke watermarking process

29 April 2016

Today marks the 33rd anniversary of Tim Solway in the company. We wanted to share some of these memories with you.

National Graphic Design Exhibition – London Olympia – 1988

The Solways Team on their stand (Can you recognize who is at the left of the picture?! Let us know in the comments below)

Inside the Solways stand

Focus on the […]

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Solways selfie frame |Quality printing London

27 April 2016

Promoting your brand, bonding people and increasing your visibility on social media?
We are proud to introduce a new product: a large bespoke Solways selfie frame ! Customisable depending the event, design your own selfie frame.
Finally a promotional item that won’t go straight to the bin but will last as a great souvenir: in pictures.
The selfie frame […]

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Happy 90th Birthday to H.M The Queen |Quality printing London

21 April 2016

Proud to be British !
The Solways Team wishes an happy birthday to her Majesty The Queen for her 90th birthday. Here’s Tim’ special outfit for the day.

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 Solways Printers offers print processes away from the mainstream. Our specialties encompass specialist print processes: duplexed (THICK) business cards, triplexed (EXTRA […]

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