WE FEEL SO ROYAL! – Embossing & Foiling Luxury Invitations | Printlogic Solways Printers Quality Printing London

23 July 2019

When quality print processes such as embossing and foil blocking are combined, the effects can be striking…See below: AND KEEP SCROLLING our longest blog ever!
Watch us Emboss and Foil our luxury invitation

If you would like to discuss your requirements for luxury invitations or any other print needs your business might have, get in touch with […]

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Loving GF Smith papers | Solways Quality printing London

28 May 2019


Time to explore the Printlogic Solways paper sample room. It is where ideas are made. Paper with emotion and a special message.
G F Smith is one of our favourite paper merchants. They are always suggesting creative ideas with our team of production managers.
What makes your print bring new clients to your door?
1. Great Design. We […]

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Hardback Casebound books| Quality printing London

22 May 2019

Time to explore case bound – hardback books also known as coffee table books. Full of print with emotion and a special message.
Why choose a hardback book to promote your brand when a magazine or softbound book will carry the same information at a lesser price?
It is all about your brand position:  an emotional engagement with […]

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Luxury printed brochures | Quality Printing London

23 April 2019

You’ve tried the rest, now come to the best!

What are the benefits of having a luxury printed brochure for your business?

Advertise your services in a visual and memorable format.
Reflect your high quality business standards with high quality print.
Demonstrate your professionalism by placing all of the information about your business at your clients’ fingertips.

These are just […]

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Luxury notebooks | Quality Printing London

3 April 2019

Luxury notebooks your client will use and your brand name will remain in front of your client for the duration of the notebook’s life.

The notebook cover can be debossed and foiled in either gold or silver. The debossing in advance of the foiling adds a tactile feel to your notebook.
The notebook can be produced with […]

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Luxury Thick Foiled Invitations | Quality Printing London

25 March 2019

Luxury Thick Invitations deliver emotion and Impact !

E-mail and El Cheapo Print just do not deliver the brand support.
This is what the client said………
Hi Tim!  WOW. We have just received the invitations and they look fantastic! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
I am so pleased, you guys have done an amazing job and it is […]

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26 February 2019

The power of stationery is not to be underestimated. For those of you who appreciate the impact of THICK business cards you may wish to consider using a TRIPLEXED business card. Effectively we are sandwiching a coloured board between the two front and back materials to dramatic effect. The front and back materials are able […]

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Duplexed thick foiled and debossed business cards | Solways Printers Quality Printing London

18 February 2019

Today we are showcasing a wide range of quality printing techniques applied to a two different business card options for one of  London’s leading creative design agencies.
The client came to us wanting two different business card designs. Each card design incorporates different high quality print processes to represent a different style and purpose.
They had one […]

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Stunning Squares | Printlogic / Solways Printers Quality Printing London

31 January 2019

Ever thought of striking out with square business cards.
Below are square business cards. The combination of the turquoise Colorplan and silver foil works perfectly together. The foil uses the negative space to display the information. GF Smith Colorplan 540gsm compliments the foiling print process to create an awesome business card… when you want the best come to […]

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Luxury & high quality Brochures in 2019| Quality Printing London

23 January 2019

All on board !
A luxurious Thames’ cruises company needed to print a new brochure to distribute to their clients.
The brochure has to reflect the high quality standard of their services and draw the attention of the reader. A strong design and good print will achieve this by creating impact and will offer memorable results.
Let’s go on a print cruise… Here are the […]

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