Tim Solway in Print Week! | Quality Printing London

12 October 2017

Hollywood is just around the corner for Tim as he is made famous AGAIN by Print Week…
Some of you may have spotted a couple of familiar faces in the 9 – 22 October edition of Print Week Magazine as not only does it feature an exclusive Q&A with our very own Tim Solway but our favourite kooikerhondje Reggie also makes […]

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Luxury foiled Colorplan business cards | Quality Printing London

6 October 2017

Premium Colorplan paper
Choosing a beautiful textured paper helps to create the highest quality product. Colorplan materials by G.F. Smith are undoubtedly the top choice when it comes to creating a fantastic card. They offer a huge range of different colours , weights and embossings that will really make your cards stand out, and when duplexed to […]

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How to manage a business card design project | Quality Printing London

1 September 2017

Fantastic, you have just been appointed by your prestigious client to design their new business card…. but before you go ahead and get started on the design it is important to consider a few things right at the start of the project. Here are our top tips from the print perspective of details to establish early with […]

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Luxury tactile printed brochures | Quality Printing London

18 August 2017

You’ve tried the rest, now come to the best!
What are the benefits of having a luxury printed brochure for your business?

Advertise your services in a visual and memorable format.
Reflect your high quality business standards with high quality print.
Demonstrate your professionalism by placing all of the information about your business at your clients’ fingertips.

These are just […]

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Solways embroidered baseball hats go to Nicaragua! | Quality Printing London

11 August 2017

Some of our Solways embroidered baseball hats have been travelling far and wide this summer but we think this might be the furthest that one has made it from the UK so far… here’s Tim’s son Hugo wearing his hat on the top of a volcano in Nicaragua!

Get a FREE Solways hat with every […]

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Solways Show Cards with a strut | Quality Printing London

8 August 2017

Show Cards with a strut | Point of Sale Boards with a strut
If you would like to place an order for Solways Show Cards with a strut or talk to us about any of your other printing requirements you can get in touch with us by calling 020 7582 6500 or emailing sales@solways.co.uk
Solways Printers offers print processes away from the […]

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Branded Embroidered Baseball Hats | Quality Printing London

31 July 2017

We have been helping our clients to keep cool this summer…
Get a FREE Solways hat with every new order (while stocks last!)  Give us a call on 020 7582 6500 or email us at sales@solways.co.uk to discuss your print project.
Solways Printers offers print processes away from the mainstream. Our specialities encompass specialist print processes: duplexed (THICK) business cards, triplexed (EXTRA THICK) business cards, watermarking, foil block-ing, embossing, digital embossing, indigo digital, die–cutting, thermography, lithography, book […]

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5 tips for choosing the right printer for your project | Quality Printing London

14 July 2017

We have discussed before on the blog the importance of choosing the right design and print processes in order to achieve you desired result for your printing project, however none of that matters if you do not also pick the right printer.
So how do you make that decision? There are a number of factors that […]

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Thick duplexed foiled colorplan invitations | Quality Printing London | Quality Printing London

30 June 2017

Hosting an event or corporate party? Then you will, of course, need invitations!
Your invitation is the indicator to your guests of what they can expect from your event so make sure you make an impact. A combination of quality materials and unique print processes such as foiling, embossing or triplexing will leave a lasting impression […]

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A day in the life at Solways… with Reggie | Quality Printing London

26 June 2017

This week we wanted to give you a little glimpse into the typical work day at Solways… but with a twist. Many of you will likely have seen our adorable office mascot Reggie before as he is a regular model for our social media feeds, but did you know that he is much more than just a […]

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