Order your Christmas Cards 2018 | Quality Printing London

7 November 2018

It might seem early but now is the perfect time of year to start thinking about how to show your clients your appreciation during this season of goodwill… and there is no better way than by sending a unique luxury Christmas card!
Solways/Printlogic manufacture bespoke luxury Christmas cards to suit all your business needs so do not leave it […]

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Solways display boards | Quality Printing London

30 August 2018

Solways display boards are a high quality way to advertise your business. Printed on a durable material in 5mm or 10mm thickness they are suitable for use indoors and outdoors, which makes them perfect for business expos and other events!

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Extra thick 900gsm triplexed business cards | Quality Printing London

23 August 2018

Does your business card make the right impression? Having a business card that looks and feel high quality is so important in attracting potential clients to your business. However, we understand that printing a bespoke business card may not fit within all businesses’ budgets and that is where Solways extra thick 900gsm triplexed business cards […]

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Why you need bespoke business stationery | Quality Printing London

16 August 2018

At Solways we believe that one of the most important marketing tools you can have for your business is printed stationery. Imagine that you are sending correspondence or providing samples of your previous work to a potential client, nothing conveys a stronger message about the quality of your brand than using bespoke branded stationery.

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Luxury gold foil Colorplan business cards | Quality Printing London

8 August 2018

Take a sneak peek at some fantastic luxury business cards we recently printed. A real example of top quality materials and craft print processes coming together in a great design to create a memorable piece of print! 

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Must-read Solways Printers news! | Quality Printing London

1 August 2018

Solways are thrilled to announce that we are returning to manufacturing!

On 1st August 2018 Solways Printers will be merging with the long-established south-east London print manufacturer Printlogic Solutions! Tim met Director Ian Custace 35 years ago and they have been rubbing along together in the printing industry ever since. We know that Printlogic’s values and approach […]

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Tim & Gilly are cycling to Paris for charity! | Quality Printing London

20 July 2018

In September 2018 Tim and Gilly will be embarking on an epic cycle ride from London to Paris as part of the Sheriff Neil and Emma Redcliffe’s cycle team for the the Sheriff’s’ and Recorder’s fund. 
Fine Cell Work is connected with our Upholders trade by teaching our crafts, linked to our own, to 350 offenders […]

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Luxury edge painted business cards | Quality Printing London

19 July 2018

You may have seen our blog post back in March this year about our new Solways edge painting service. Well we have been putting this new service to excellent use and we are so excited to share some of the results with you…

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Thermo Invitation Printing | Quality Printing London

10 July 2018

Thermographic (or thermo) printing is a unique print process that can be used to add a special touch to your printing. The final effect is sometimes confused with embossing as the print appears raised and shiny, but the process used to achieve it is quite different! 

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Embossed & debossed business cards | Quality Printing London

4 July 2018

To emboss or deboss? That is the question… but did you know you do not always have to chose between these two print processes? 
Take a look at our video below to see how we printed a business card with debossing AND embossing at the same time and with only one pass through the machine!

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